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In my family currently we’re coping with cancer, dementia, depression, panic attacks, bipolar and OCD. However in the next month or so I’m trying to find space to introduce some unique free training across all niches not just the making money niche. Food, nutrition, fat loss and health are examples.
From many years of experience I pretty much know what your problems are and how to fix them. The unknown factor is your commitment, self-discipline and strong determination to make success possible. Throw all these together and you’ve got mindset. Talk very soon about this in more detail. Extremely important.
The training won’t be a series of class lectures or lessons. It’s more like we’re sitting across the dinner table or after a workshop. We discuss your end goals then I will tell you what the steps are to make your dreams come true. We will also talk about possible problems, what time is needed also how much money is required. “end goal” roughly equals “what do you want out of life” (See my previous blog posts).
I will send you a lot of stuff by email from many experts (World experts on every topic including fat loss) around the World,such as Anik Singal, Eric Louviere and Russell Brunson. About how they got started, how they overcame problems, what did they do to achieve the high earnings and prestige  they’re now enjoying.
Russell’s now got 5 kids so he’s had to back off from some ventures. Did you know he had 70 people working for him at one stage?
Failure breeds success.You MUST believe that. So don’t be afraid of failure. It only doesn’t work that way when you allow failure to become a big STOP sign. Which means you’ve been bluffed by your subconscious mind which changed “I CAN and I WILL” into “I don’t know where to start & I’ll make mistakes.”
Anik himself failed 52 times on the road to success including nearly dying. He tells the story about Colonel Sanders who started when he was 65 and failed 1009 times. Did you know Colonel Sanders travelled 100,000 miles a year visiting franchises even over age 70?.
Liz Tomey with others is an expert with PLR (private label rights) products. Years ago she and her then husband came close to losing their house and cars. What saved them was creating PLR stuff coupled with workshops which is a great mix. What’s special with Liz is she aims her products and services at people struggling and her stuff is not expensive. In case you’re worried about product creation it’s highly recommended but not essential you become a product creator.
However, product creation is a very fast way to get sales and cash especially since you can have your own affiliates. Those things combined mean you can build your subscriber list much faster. It also means you get known around the traps. Alex Jeffreys has proved from his webinars that total newbies can become good product creators.
What Liz is doing is very important to you as an affiliate marketer. I have much more to tell you about affiliate marketing and should write a book about it. For example you can sell PLR, you can use PLR products in your squeeze pages or sales funnels. You can use PLR for your webinars, training/coaching and in membership sites. PLR has a high perceived value.
I have never seen anywhere on the Internet anyone but me explaining how it really works. Here’s just one example using health as a great example of a profitable niche:
Person A: Tries to earn money promoting 2 health products from ClickBank. This will never work unless you’re experienced, have a large responsive list, and the 2 products are in high demand and have support.
Person B: Becomes an affiliate for a large well-known health company paying 25% commission which has 80 products. They also have newsletters, product information, trial/discount offers and a helpful affiliate manager. You are provided with links for each product also a link for the complete product list. If your visitor doesn’t buy Product X you’re promoting but buys Product Y you still get a commission. Or you promote all 80 products which gives you more chances of a sale especially if the seller uses cookies which means you get paid if your client buys later. Cookies may be lifetime (great!) or weeks or months.
Speaking of health, here’s one you can start with rightaway as an affiliate. The topic/sub-niche is “back pain” and it’s hot. There are millions of searches for back pain treatment and relief. The company I’m referring you to is the biggest and best online source for treatment of about 20 conditions of “back pain”. They have lots of articles plus free books, guides, reports, CD’s and DVD’s also trial offers. There is a large support team of medical specialists and health professionals.
This clickable link takes you to the “Apply to become back pain affiliate” form:
But FIRST you must join Shareasale here as an affiliate/publisher:
This is a fantastic affiliate network which I use all the time. They also have a newsletter plus aids and tutorials to help you succeed. It’s all free. They represent all the products from 3900 merchants.
If you need to have web hosting and/or domain name join free here:
Purchase the cheapest shared hosting (unlimited domains) first and then your domain name will be FREE. If you’re not sure which domain name use your own like I did when I started.
If you need an autoresponder join here:
They have the lowest monthly cost (under $20) and this stays the same whether you’ve got 5000 or 50000 subscribers!
There is an option for a free 30 Day Trial. You will receive newsletters plus lots of help and advice. Like “Why do you need an autoresponder?” and “How affiliate marketers use autoresponders” plus more.
Once you have joined, you can order visitors here to send to any URL of your choice such as your back pain affiliate link:
URL means Uniform Resource Locator which is a fancy name for web address. is the URL for Kevin Johnston’s Blog.
I use all the people above and they are the best and usually the cheapest. I love that the renewal cost is much the same as in the beginning. Some registrars charge you 2 or 3 times the original cost at renewal time.
You MUST have a business site such as a blog, website or social media page. Imagine trying to do Facebook Marketing when you don’t even have a Facebook page. You can add many options such as an online store or similar to any of these sites.
Without a business site, you are invisible and don’t exist on the Internet. You don’t have a site to advertise, market from and send
visitors to. And you don’t have a business URL to submit to networks or merchants when they ask you for one when applying to become their affiliate. You can’t have online stores, ecommerce or drop-shipping as examples.
My friend Verena designs and sells beautiful WordPress blogs and some of my blogs come from her. She has many testimonials. The WP niche blogs are only US$25 each and there is a quantity discount. Also an Install For You option.
So buy a back pain blog here:
If “back pain” is sold out another option is her “custom made for you blogs”. The domain name for your “back pain” blog should include the words “back pain” or rather “backpain” because your domain can’t have gaps only hyphens. “back pain” is a frequent search term on Google so you have more chance of being found.
Verena likes to offer advice to her clients about blogging and topics like how to get traffic to your blog/s.
Now back to Liz and PLR products:
There are other PLR experts but some use large sales funnels with multiple upgrades/OTO’s/products to squeeze the last drop of money out of you. Don’t misunderstand, you need sales funnels for your own promotions (see my previous posts at or but greed shouldn’t take priority over loving people and caring for them.
The sellers say they do this so they can pay huge commissions to their top affiliates.
With my training, a common thread throughout will be using COMMON-SENSE and LOGIC. If you do this you won’t be one of the 95% who fail and most obstacles will vanish.
I only want people who are genuine, committed and totally determined to succeed. No tyre-kickers, whiners, complainers, lazy, aren’t really prepared to put the time and effort in. Maybe you’re a dabbler which Anik, Russell and myself have been talking about recently. You’re all over the place like a bee looking for gold but you rarely land, take action and actually do something useful and productive. Don’t be a dabbler. Just get committed and join me.
Don’t fall for the trap of waiting till you’re ready which will never happen. I wasted years doing this. You just have to jump in and make adjustments as you go along. There’s no short cut to this.
Training has to be by email. Blog posts won’t do..I need direct contact. I tried but it doesn’t work. A few weeks ago I did an exercise at home where I easily recorded in one week 18 plus sets of amazing, valuable information (across all niches) which you would give your right arm to have. I can’t tell you about these because you hadn’t taken 2 minutes to join my mailing list.
I have many blogs and websites with currently 115,000+ registered users which I’m proud of and appreciate. Registered users however are NOT subscribers who have opted in so I can’t import them into a certain Mailing/Newsletter List in my autoresponder which means I can’t email the training plus all other important news to them. In theory it’s possible and I’ve done it but got various problems such as expensive, slow, very small open rates, high failure rates and false/dead email addresses.
The server providers (including Amazon AWS’s SES system) who actually send the emails are very zealous and guarded about their success stats and good name. They don’t want problems/failures so most now will only allow you to send a small trail batch (200 – 1000 emails) before giving final approval.
So the bottom line is become a proper and loyal subscriber at the form below or no training and you won’t be told about the amazing
products, services and developments happening on the Internet every day. I don’t understand why the big fuss about not opting in to something which can change your life forever. It takes about 2 minutes plus clicking on a confirm link in a confirmation email. This is to comply with anti-spam laws.
I shouldn’t have to say this but I will because I have your interests at heart:
If I say something is really important then it is really important. If I say you need a business blog, website, business page plus hosting plus an autoresponder account so you can automate your home business and start building a list of subscribers then you do need all of those. if I say you should do something like purchasing a low-cost learning product which will greatly help you then that’s what you should do. This can be many things like WordPress, Facebook ads or understanding how to use PLR and resell rights products. Or how to build a website.
Be wary of sites like YouTube. I love YouTube but as I told you before they’re all trying to sell you stuff. Plus many of these so-called “experts” don’t know much more than you and the information they provide is often incorrect, half-true or out-of-date. Or maybe important bits left out.
I saw one site teaching “everything you need to know about WordPress”. They were using v3.3 whereas WordPress is now at Version 4.7.3. This also means the themes and plugins etc being promoted are out-of-date, very likely no longer useful or available, or even supported.
In conclusion, I am totally dedicated to helping you succeed in any niche. However I sometimes feel I am talking to an empty room.
Your friend,
Kevin Johnston
PS. To make it easy for you I’ve added what’s called a horizontal form below. All that’s needed is your best email address. Remember you MUST click the confirm link in the confirmation email you will receive soon after.

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