412 of you have not completed my newsletter subscribe process

412 Of you have tried to join my mailing list but NOT completed the newsletter subscribe process. This is actually really BAD NEWS for you which I’ll explain below. It’s like someone offering you a free goldmine but you say “nah..thanks anyway but I think I’ll just struggle along by myself, getting nowhere and wasting more time and money”.
It’s all part of what’s called the “double optin” process which protects me against spamming complaints. You are giving me permission to send (email) you awesome stuff which I know you need from my 12 years of experience. This stuff will come from Kevin’s Classroom…that’s the “from” you should always look for.
When you first subscribed (which is free and always confidential) you provided your personal info such as first name, last name  and best email address. My autoresponder immediately emailed you a sort of “thanks mate” message with a confirmation link. You MUST click this link to complete the subscribe process otherwise it stops dead right there. Another reason for this process is it protects you if some joker falsely provided your details in the first place.
The last reason is autoresponder providers and most email marketing companies will NOT allow you to have or import subscriber lists on/to their databases unless your subscribers are double-optin.
Once you’re in the system you are always able to edit/change your personal details securely.
So if you are one of the 412 please find the confirmation email…including checking your junk/spam folders. And follow the process above asap. The sooner you’re on my mailing list, the faster I can help you.
IF you can’t find this email, it’s no big deal. Just subscribe/optin again. Click on the link below and you’ll see a web page with an optin form plus you will receive a free report: “How Autoresponders Can Make You More Money” after completing subscribing. http://www.trafficwave.net/members/imo/report.html
I’ve tried all the others but recommend TrafficWave because they are very reliable, the cheapest, great support, have a huge following of happy users, and often send you helpful tips including how to make money.  The membership cost is only $17.95/month and stays at that level even if you grow several lists or a large list eg 50,000 subscribers. Anywhere else can easily cost you about $150 to $300 monthly.
You can start a 30 Day FREE trial (http://www.trafficwave.net/members/imo/index.html) and if you dive right in you can start using other features such as the Advertising Co-op plus you can purchase visitors to send to any URL/website address of your choosing which can even be one of your affiliate links. You don’t need a website/blog already to join.
Once you do join, TrafficWave will start sending you great articles and tutorials to help you succeed in any niche. These educate you about the features of their autoresponders, how they work, how they can be best used and how to make money with them even if you’re a newbie.
Every Internet marketer needs a really good autoresponder service. How else can you get involved with email marketing, building your subscriber list/s and automating your marketing and sales processes. Even when you’re at the beach, sleeping or on vacation. You can have as many separate lists as you like. One might be “make money” and another “health & fitness”.
Suppose you want to promote a good offer to a group of people. If they don’t know you, then first you need to establish a relationship of trust. You use your autoresponder to send suitable messages containing information that’s valuable to these people. This might be getting a good night’s sleep or a proven treatment for their back pain.
Also you must realize that especially with cold traffic, very few potential buyers buy from your first message. From memory the figure is 4%. It takes about 6 or 7 emails before sales start rolling in. That’s where your autoresponder can be most useful by sending automated emails at intervals preset by you. Say every 2 or 3 days. Imagine trying to do this manually!
If this is about promoting a new product release (as an affiliate) over a 1 week period, then you would mail daily but don’t be pushy.
What happens next did I hear you ask?
Internet marketing is increasingly more complex and certainly a minefield as I stated previously. It’s almost impossible to succeed in any niche without expert help. Some marketers have been trying for 12 and even 15 years. Did you know that 83% of marketers don’t know what a “landing page” is? Or why they need a “sales funnel”? Or why they need a subscriber list?
I know most of you are struggling. I know you are totally confused and frustrated. I know why you’re failing especially when there are so many lies and scams out there. I know you are overwhelmed with conflicting information and you don’t know the truth of  anything or anyone for that matter. I know your head is spinning with many questions.
Well, I can help you fix all that. Together we can solve your problems and clear all obstacles. It’s up to you to join my mailing list as we journey together towards success. Remember it’s mostly ordinary average people that are succeeding.
Internet marketing IS hard work. That’s the truth. But there are many rewards…be prepared to make mistakes!
Don’t give up. Be the Rocky Balboa…the underdog. Come out fighting and WIN!
Good luck,
Kevin Johnston
Kevin’s Classroom
PS Never use your affiliate links and send potential buyers direct to a seller’s website/sales page. Your chance of a sale is almost zero and all you’re doing is adding to their list. You will never get these contacts back. They’re lost forever. First get these potential buyers onto your list as subscribers. Then you can start emailing them yourself.

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