A 107 BILLION Market – Waiting For YOU To Take Your Share!

Even if you’re new or you’ve never earned a single dime before!
It’s not a secret anymore: the Online Education industry is EXPLODING.
Let me put it in perspective:
Consider that in 2011, about 35.6 billion was spent on self-paced e-learning worldwide. In 2014, e-learning was a 56.2 billion industry, and that number hit 107 billion in 2015. 2016? 165 BILLION. And it is showing NO signs of stopping.
Now, normally you’d have to shell out 1-2K for a training complete enough to guide you all the way from A-Z on setting up, launching and growing your own hands-off information business. But today, you’re in front of a crazy opportunity to get it for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!
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The catch?
My friend Anik IS asking for something from you….just 5 USD that will be directly donated to the awesome “Village Enterprise” organization!
VE takes villages in East Africa and pulls them out of extreme poverty through the power of ENTREPRENEURSHIP.
What they do is AMAZING. But I’ll let Anik explain it to you. You can learn all about VE and get the insane “THANK YOU” gifts Anik has in store for you here:
Help Lift A Village Out Of Poverty And Get Your 3 GIFTS: http://kevin-johnston.com/FreeAnikTraining
In short, if you believe the best way to help is NOT through handouts but through EMPOWERMENT, and if you’re looking to experience the time and money FREEDOM that comes from owning your own successful infobusiness..Or if you’re even remotely interested in grabbing your piece of the growing 107 BILLION market that’s the information business..
This is an opportunity you simply can’t let slip by you!
Help Lift A Village Out Of Poverty And Get Your 3 GIFTS!
Go get it: http://kevin-johnston.com/FreeAnikTraining
PS Nothing will change unless you change from failure to success.
Especially in the last 18 months it’s become obvious that you need expert training to succeed!

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