Affiliate Marketing is as Dead as a Fried Chicken.

Well, it’s dead to ME… and it’s about to be dead to YOU, as well.


  • Because it’s limited…Your ability to pre-sell and come up with bonuses dictates your income.
    * The fact that someone needs to buy something if you’re gonna get paid sucks.
    * It’s a one and done proposition. Whether they buy or not, the process ends.
    * You’re building the vendor’s list… they’ll keep promoting but you won’t get paid for it.
    * Most often, you’re not promoting recurring income products.
    * Most often, there’s no serious big-ticket potential.

Let’s look at this a bit closer:
1. When asked at webinars, workshops and other group events, most newer (mostly affiliates) marketers will reply that they want to earn $10,000 monthly. It seems a nice big number and it sounds good when you say it.

But look at facts:
To earn $10,000 per month:
You need 80 sales at $10 commission each PLUS
20 sales at $100 commission each PLUS
5 sales at $1000 commission each PLUS
1 sale at $2500 commission
Total = $10,300 per month

Obviously you want recurring income but with traditional affiliate marketing, you have to repeat the above figures each and every month. It’s totally possible and doable, but can you do it?

If 100 visitors land at your affiliate link, and 1 person buys, this means the other 99 visitors are lost to you forever because you haven’t captured their name and email address to follow up.

So you should try to never send visitors direct to a vendor’s sales page. In fact some affiliate networks forbid this.

Plus you need lots and lots of targeted visitors with money to spend. All this equals buying Paid Traffic which is an additional cost for you.

I’m assuming for the moment you are operating in a profitable/the right niche.

To cut to the chase, to earn decent money you have to introduce lead magnets, squeeze pages, landing pages and sales funnels, all of which I’ve been talking about in my blogs for many months.

The best solution would seem to be a Done For You (DFY) system (which includes the above) already proven to work and be profitable. This system includes list building and constant conversion of visitors to leads and leads to subscribers then subscribers to sales.

Your ultimate goal should be recurring income which is also passive income. This means your marketing processes are working away in the backgound 24/7 even when you’re sleeping or away from home.

Another solution is become a product creator, keep 100% of profits, and have lots of affiliates in various time zones doing the selling for you 24/7.

But that’s expensive, slow and requires various skills you don’t have. Outsourcing has gotten more expensive as well.

A great fix and short cut would be to use PLR products so now we’re full circle because I’ve already introduced the concepts of Resell Rights Products again recently.

You take a good Private Label Rights product. Change it a bit so it sounds like how you talk. Improve it if possible or even make it bigger and now you’ve got your own product, 100% profits and your own affiliates.

My friends, Liz Tomey, John Thornhill, Dave Nicholson, Dan Sumner and others, have been doing this for years.

And such products fit nicely into sales funnels where you’re actually selling 4 to 6 products at one time PLUS each optin and sale is constantly building your subscriber list.

Resell Rights (also called Resale Rights) products (RR) provide you with a licence to use and/or resell a certain product to a customer but you can’t alter the product in any way. You also cannot pass on this right to resell to your buyer.

The vendor will tell you the licence conditions, also make it clear where you can or cannot resell the purchased product.  For example, you can’t resell on eBay and you can’t giveaway the product for free. Look for a readmefirst.txt file also a licence.txt file.

MRR means Master Resell Rights which is like above BUT now your buyer IS allowed to resell the product if he/she wishes.

I hope what I’m telling you makes sense. Be patient, it takes time to absorb and learn new information. If you get stuck email me kevin@kevin-johnston.com

For now to help you, I’m providing some useful links for stuff I use myself. If you do nothing else, make sure you go to:


This is video training that shows exactly how to take a great reseller product, edit the content, change the graphics, structure your entire site, create a sales funnel, add products to JVZoo, create sales funnels in JVZoo, create a complete affiliates page with copy and paste fields for affiliates, create affiliate contests, create a targeted exit page and initiate it from your sales page, also add multiple list building elements…IN UNDER 60 MINUTES!

There are a couple of upsells including an install service, also 50 Ready To Go PLR Products:


Here are more great suggestions:









Your friend & mentor,


PS I genuinely want you to succeed so will keep helping you.



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