Does Make-Money Equal Success, Wealth & Happiness?

IMG_0162 (2)I started blogging to help people have the best life possible taking into account their current circumstances. It has never been my intention ( and I don’t have time anyway) to push out a large number of blog articles and hope that these will click with you somehow. This is like throwing mud at a wall and seeing what sticks.
I’m telling you this as if I’m sitting across from you at the dinner table, because helping people can be very personal, even intimate at times and the more you are allowed in their space, the better you can assist them solve their problems.
As I’ve said before selling is providing solutions to people’s problems. So through my blogs I try to motivate people to be the best they can, so hopefully this will ignite a fierce determination for my readers to make positive changes in their lives.  Or at least seek to do so.
This often means letting go of old habits, hurts, guilt, loss and mental baggage which holds people back and anchors them in a world they’re not happy with. This is not easy because bad habits control you daily and you need to create good new habits in your subconscious which resists change of any kind. Which leads me to this blog topic.
So what about success, wealth and making money. Are they the same?
Well they can be but mostly they’re not from an Internet marketing point of view.
1.”make money” is a niche as are “health” or “weight loss” as  examples. One of the very first things you MUST do when starting is decide what type of product you want to sell. You can’t move forward until you do. Which means your home business will never get off the ground. So you choose your niche eg “make money” and what you want to sell, then you have to work on your business model ( such as affiliate marketing, ecommerce, writing or dropshipping) which requires patience, time, research and finances. Don’t rush this, or you will fail.
I know people who spent 3 months with the critical aspects of good planning, and then went on to make $30,000 monthly with eBay. 55% of eBay sellers never get a bid or make a sale. They made assumptions, rushed in and ignored the planning phase.
Part of planning is deciding how much profit you want each month as an average. You should start ($200?) small and scale up from there in 3 to 6 months. However there is pressure from some Internet marketers to set this figure at $10,000 monthly.
Suppose you start affiliate marketing and you’ve chosen popular saleable health products to sell at average $20.00 each with 50% ($10.00) instant commission to you with PayPal. This means you need to sell 1000 per month of these products. Is this possible for you?
Expert marketers say for the same effort you should sell 100 of $100.00 products (not necessarily health).
Either way you would need lots of targeted traffic including paid traffic and preferably sent to a sales funnel which starts with a squeeze page and on average contains 5 products providing you multiple commissions. The final high ticket item is mostly a continuity or membership site.
Another solution is switching from affiliate marketing to product creation and/or membership site. You can have multiple sites if you wish.
Regarding the goal of $10,000 monthly, my opinion is this can often be a scam. The marketers who proposed it now have more chances of selling you coaching plus other products to “help” you reach your target.
Now for my final comment. Many people are satisfied NOT to be wealthy and $200 to $300 extra money each month suits them fine. So “make money” doesn’t automatically mean earning lots of money and becoming wealthy.
Lastly, what does wealthy mean anyway? How much money is wealth? And it varies country to country.
2. Regarding “wealth”, this is not a niche and successful marketers mostly talk about these things:
A “6-figure income” or a “7-figure income” rather than stating being wealthy
The freedom that having money brings for themselves and family
The high value of their subscriber list
The need for automation which also produces freedom
Autoresponders with sales funnels are a major part of this automation. Outsourcing is the other major part.
Entrepreneurs like Alex Jeffreys and John Chow take extended vacations to Thailand and other exotic places with their families. They take their laptop and can still send messages/emails on planes, in hotels and near the pool. John earns $30,000 to $40,000 monthly from blogging. Alex makes more from coaching, webinars, information products and product creation. In both cases, automation means they earn more money than what the vacations cost.
Becoming wealthy is a process over a period of time when ordinary people learn new skills to follow their dreams with things they’re passionate about. Anybody with the right attitude and a strong determination to win can achieve the above. Nobody can tell you how long is a “period of time” because there are so many variables.
3. Success is a goal and also a journey where happiness, achievement, fame, recognition seem to be the key issues and becoming wealthy takes a back step. Many successful people do what they do for love, without seeking wealth and if money follows they use this for further training or as a tool to better the lives of others less fortunate.
Off the top of my head here’s a few thoughts about what success might be:
A new job you love
A job promotion
A loving caring partner
Getting pregnant
Raising children
Becoming a popular author
Becoming a life coach
Illustrating children’s books
Medical research
Health discoveries
Food & Nutrition expert
Charity workers
In its simplest form, success might be just being a golden-hearted person who lifts people up and inspires them to great heights without consciously trying.
Finally, in India there is a medical doctor, Dr Mani who is also an Internet marketer. He uses any earnings towards the hospital costs of heart surgery for infants and others in need.
I hope you got something out of my ramblings,
Kevin Johnston
I would love to name many truly successful and inspirational Internet marketers but cannot do so as not to upset the proverbial apple cart. They are always humble folk and often life coaches and experts in the self-help niche.


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