Don’t MISS OUT: Anik Email Marketing Webinar

I’ve mentioned this before but it worries me that a fair number of newer marketers still think that Social Networking has overtaken email marketing. That’s not true!

The same people also believe that blogging is old-fashioned which it isn’t. Blogging is the central hub or “heart” of your online home business empire. Nearly all experienced marketers have blogs.

In terms of getting best results, email marketing out-performs all social media sites combined. Each $1 spent on email marketing returns at least $38, if done correctly.

This is a FREE webinar which I’ve attended myself as part of ongoing learning which all marketers should do. It’s possibly the very best, and covers topics you most likely need help with. Traffic is a big one.

The webinar is like gold handed to you for free.

So head over to: http://kevin-johnston.com/AnikEmailMarketingWebinar

Talk soon,

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