Go With What You DO Know

Go With What You DO Know – Not what you DON’T know!
You see, no matter which part of Internet marketing suits you, the most important issue is, GETTING STARTED which is NOW. If you’re inexperienced or a beginner, you don’t know what you’re supposed to know. So what happens is 2 things:
1. You give up and don’t get started at all.
2. You chase all the scammy “get rich overnight” products hoping that at least one will will work and therefore magically solve your problem.
It doesn’t occur to you that even if one did work, you don’t know how to set it up properly. As well you would most likely need a blog, website or social media business page. It’s a snowball effect, because then you would need to know about domain names and web hosting PLUS things like uploading (FileZilla), DNS, FTP, nameservers and so on.
I want to emphasize here that it’s ordinary people who are becoming successful AND you don’t have to become an expert in anything. You only have to know what’s needed to get a certain task done.
Now let’s jump to Udemy, the world’s largest learning academy with 30,000 courses and 3 million students: http://bit.ly/1hHrHLh.
Right now courses are only $10 each.
I use Udemy and so do most of the other experienced marketers. So learn something that will help you. Never let what you don’t know, stop you!
There are several categories including “Health & Fitness” which itself includes:
General Health
Mental Health
Self Defense
Safety & First Aid
In Internet marketing you should’nt go wrong promoting things like Health, Beauty, Aging, Fitness, Relationships, Video Games, Food, Cooking and Pets as examples.
I hope that the above tips assist you to get started and then very successful. Remember that there never is a “right time” and if you wait, you will never be “ready”.
Your friend,

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