HostGator Affiliates Needed Urgently

HostGator has migrated its affiliate platform from March 31, 2016, to a different provider.
This means 2 things:
1. If you’re an affiliate already, most likely none of your links and banners are now working, and/or you won’t get paid after March 31. So you must rejoin below.
2. New affiliates are needed. So if you’re keen, motivated and focused, you can make a lot of money as a HostGator affiliate.
Click this link to apply: http://kevin-johnston.com/HostGator
HostGator has won many awards for excellence and is the preferred web hosting provider for most experienced Internet marketers including myself.
Once you’re accepted, you’ll get your own affiliate URL and have access to banners and promo codes. All you need do is send traffic to your URL.
If you need guaranteed visitors to your URL click this link: http://kevin-johnston.com/GuaranteedVisitors
You can order up 1,000,000 visitors to your website link. 10,000 guaranteed visitors is only US$24.95 (special offer).
So to recap:
To apply as affiliate use: http://kevin-johnston.com/HostGator
To order traffic use: http://kevin-johnston.com/GuaranteedVisitors
*** This site of mine has many great features to help you: http://www.theroadtoyoursuccess.com/

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