How to Order Your WP Niche Blogs & Become Visible Online

My life got much better when I started business blogging except I couldn’t help being envious of others who seemed to know much more than me and had nice blogs with colorful banners and extras. I didn’t know much about anything including installing themes, headers, widgets, banners and clickable links (hyperlinks).
Around that same time, I thought that the Internet and the World Wide Web (www) were the same thing but actually they’re NOT. Look for my post explaining everything.
I stuck with it and now I’ve got beautiful blogs, with 85,000 registered users. The world’s top Internet marketers invite me to be a Joint Venture partner, and many large businesses contact me and request I become their affiliate. Sometimes they offer higher commissions if I agree. The funny thing is I’ve never promoted myself….just concentrated on working hard, being totally honest, and always determined to do everything as best I could. You also need to like people and care about them. I didn’t do it deliberately….people know instantly if you’re not genuine.
One of the greatest blessings I’ve received is being told so many times that I have inspired people to start and take their lives to a higher level. What I call “creating their own greatness”.
I tell you this in case you feel overwhelmed and like there’s a mountain of stuff you’re supposed to know. There is absolutely no reason you can’t succeed like me but I have to warn you Internet marketing is a real minefield and you must have a map to avoid being blown up. My answer to that is trust me and follow what I tell you. I will give you the map. Don’t follow the sheep who are doomed to fail.
We need to stop here for a moment before we set off. Success in any field is a journey and we are preparing for this journey. Skills need to be learned and piece by piece they allow you to form the building blocks of your success. I assume you haven’t got or done much or you would be successful already. So I want you to ask yourself, where will I be, what will I have, if I just do nothing?
Suppose you want to  paint landscapes at home. If you don’t do it and put them out there for people to see, admire and possibly buy, what have you got? Nothing! You have to be a action taker…even if it’s a bit scary.
The same goes for online marketing. You’ve got to have something awesome to put out there and get noticed. That “something” is your WordPress (.org) blog which is also called a self-hosted blog. Don’t get involved with It comes with baggage and the romance won’t last. If you have a domain name and hosting, that’s great but it’s “empty”. There’s nothing for people to see until you add your blog, theme, articles plus more. If you log in to your cPanel, and go to File Manager you”ll see a wp_content folder. Your articles once you click on Publish are your blog posts.
What I’m doing today is getting you started and online with an attractive WordPress niche blog just like I did. Serious bloggers are creative, determined  people so trust me when I say you’ll get a warm glow as you add a premium theme, articles, banners, widgets, optin form and other bits such as monetization, change headers and colors, plus more. After so many things going wrong you should feel very proud of yourself. Even today I get a special feeling when I see my sites online.
The standard way to install a blog is to go to  your cPanel then Software then Softaculous then WordPress and follow the prompts including which of your domains you want to install the blog on. The default setting for User is admin but you must NEVER use admin because this helps hackers get entry. Use any text you want that’s not easy for hackers to guess. When you finish you will receive a congrats email from WordPress. All this only takes 10-15 minutes. Next you would install your premium theme then start adding 3-5 articles plus essential plugins and widgets including your optin form linked to your autoresponder html code. These tasks can take a lot of time and knowledge which is a major reason I’m recommending the readymade/turnkey blogs below especially when they’re so cheap with an install option. Make sure you have a special notebook to write down important stuff like User and Password.
The special offer I’m recommending today concerns beautiful WordPress niche blog costing only $25 each. See some options below. Whether you purchase one blog or multiple blogs is up to you. It’s only a matter of choosing a niche or niches that suits you and whatever passions, hobbies, skills and life experiences you may have already. Use the images below as a guide.

I just want to add TWO more things. The $25 low low price for quality plus support is incredible. I saw some similar blogs elsewhere last week and they were $225 each!

If you purchase multiple blogs, you should buy a separate domain name for each blog. In theory you can use multiple sub-domains but it’s messy and not recommended!
For more information and to purchase go to:
Each niche blog: $25
Done for you install on your domain: $15 each
Custom header: $10 each
Custom text on header: $35 each
Complete custom design blog: $147

*** Prices do not include your domain name/s and/or web hosting!

How To Order?
Here is what you need to do:
1. Purchase one of the packages:
(Please note we restrict the number of sales for each niche blog to avoid saturation).
After you have paid via PayPal, you will receive instructions to email these details:
– Your PayPal transaction ID as proof of purchase.
– Your blog niche(s) of choice.
– Your best email address to receive the download links.
After verification of your purchase, you will receive your blog plus instructions (please allow up to 24 hours).
Suppose you purchase a 5-blog package, send your message in the following format:
Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID # xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
5-Blog Package: Fishing, Disney Vacation, Weight Loss, Acne, Web Hosting
Please email the download links to: xxxx@
2. Login to your NameCheap account to select and purchase the domain name/s which suit the niche/s you chose. Remember .com is best otherwise .net or .biz or .org
Domain names cost around $10 -$13 each. All extensions aren’t the same price.
You should have already purchased NameCheap ( shared hosting when you opened an account and chose a domain name which is your own like I did with
If you are a new visitor today, please refer to my recent blog posts about domain names, shared hosting and autoresponders for list building. (See
If you haven’t purchased the hosting yet do this FIRST before selecting the domain name/s for your niche blogs. You want people to find your blog/s so remember to include one or more Google search words in your domain name/s to match the niche. I do have blog posts about this but follow this advice:
A. You are limited to what’s available but short and easy to remember is best.  But good is better than short.
B. You can only use letters, numbers and dashes (hyphens). NO special characters or spaces!
C. Think about what search words people use with their browser and try to include one or more of these words.
D. Use my blog url’s as a guide. I’m not saying they’re perfect but they do tell people what the blogs are about:
3. Upload all blog content to your chosen domain/s. There are 12 tutorial videos + PDF guides to show you how to do this correctly.
4. Depending on the niche sites you’re buying, you may need to apply to join affiliate networks such as ClickBank, Amazon Associate program, CPA network and Commission Junction. In each blog package you are shown which affiliate networks the blogs are monetized with.
5. Add your affiliate links to suit the monetization above.
6. Rewrite the blog posts to suit your style and language so that you get a unique site in Google’s eyes. Niche blogs are like PLR content. It’s always a good idea to do some editing to make your blog posts unique.
7. Friendly support and help by email is available 24/7. See the testimonials.  Plus there is a series of 12 tutorial videos to show you how to get every blog up and running on your domain fast!
Still don’t know how to install a blog? See Price List above. Pay a very small $15 Installation fee (for each blog) and this will be done for you quickly.
8. Set up on-page and off-page SEO. We don’t provide an SEO service but we can point you to the best people we know in the industry if you need input. Let us know on the support page.
Enjoy your blogs,
PS. Remember what I told you before. More and more affiliate networks and businesses will ask you for your URL/website address when you apply to become their affiliate. This is another reason you need a blog.


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