Is this you? Still searching without direction? Facebook post.

It’s really important that people who want to succeed, realize that I really can help them.
Let me say that again. I can help you and I know what are the problems and hurdles that are blocking you.
I have truck loads of top information that I want to pass on to you. But I can only do this with emails.
I’ve been adding articles to my sites but it’s not working properly because it’s slow and takes all my time. It also assumes that you will find these posts/articles and make use of this content.
So I’m switching to using emails and this Facebook page where you are now:
I have lots of blogs and websites. The 2 blogs that are dedicated to Internet marketing home business concepts and the “make money” niche are:
if you go to these sites you will see how I’m pushing people to subscribe to my mailing list. If they don’t they will stay “lost”.
My other sites relate to all aspects of health, wellness, fitness. Includes alternative medicine and self-development topics.
Example: http://foodandnutrition.biz
You must accept a couple of facts:
1. Everyone is lying to you. They just want to sell you stuff which mostly won’t help you.
2. There are very few experienced marketers who really care about helping you. You can almost count them on your fingers.
3. People looking for success aren’t “hungry” enough. No self-discipline, no fire in their belly, no wanting success desperately!.
They have a “leg in each camp”. One leg aimlessly looking to win and the other leg still wasting hours each day searching for that miracle product that will solve all their problems. This does not exist..period!
The crunch line is: If you subscribe with the right attitude/mindset to my mailing list you are on the best path to where success is waiting for you.
But you still have to decide what success means to you..and it isn’t just money. More about this soon.
So subscribe at one of my blogs above or go directly to: http://www.trafficwave.net/members/imo/report.html
ps Please tell your friends.

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