It IS Your Bloody Fault You’re Failing

Untitled design2_edited-1Every day I see Internet marketers sucking up to you, telling you that all your failures are not your fault. They do this so you will think what nice guys they are and after that you will buy what they recommend to get you out of the shit you’ve created.
To prove what nice people they are they show photos of the missus, the hubby, the kids, the new baby and don’t forget the dog.
This article is to get your bum off the bean bag, the couch, the bed, whatever. And then get you into thinking mode which means PLANNING and taking ACTION.
We will talk soon about what are the parts of planning and which order of importance. Also discuss whether “success” and “making money” are the same thing.
Let’s be honest:
Nobody forces you to keep buying crap products and get into more debt. It’s always easier to blame the Government or someone else for your situation.
Why haven’t you installed the useful stuff sitting on your hard drive? if you don’t know how, put your hand up and find out. Use help desks, tutorials, workshops, ebooks, Udemy, Fiverr, Fourerr, The Warrior Forum, coaching plus more. Some successful Internet marketers have an optional install service. There are record numbers of helpful resources.
I’ve already asked you to email me if you have a genuine problem. But few takers of my offer. Likewise for my offer of free coaching. I’m not sorry for me… just sorry for you for not getting off your arse and doing something with a positive outcome.
Even though you’ve been told a million times that 95% of small businesses and newbies fail, you’re still hoping that gold nuggets will fall from the sky if you keep buying.
Surely commonsense would tell you they must be doing something wrong and commonsense would also tell you NOT to follow these lost 95% of people if the success rate is only 5%.
Time is your valuable asset. Millionaires agree. So why do you keep wasting it? You must decide what you want out of life and likewise from Internet marketing.
Nobody forces you to trawl the Internet every day/night looking for gold, pearls and treasure.
Supposedly the average person receives 134 emails daily. You should not check your emails daily just once or twice a week. This will gain you an extra 15 hours which is almost 2 full days per week.
What about my emails to you. I’ve sent out 500,000 emails to help you but only 1 in 1000 people opened my emails. Should I give up on you?
You have insulted me by not subscribing to my newsletters where I can help you much more and more often. Even good manners should tell you to subscribe as a way to say thank you.
You’re operating a small business even if you think you’re not. If you truly think that there is no hope for you.
Consider PayPal which is mostly used to pay you. You must have a free BUSINESS account to get paid…a personal account is not enough.
I could rant on but let’s see where we stand NOW…that’s today.
1. STOP doing what you’re doing now which you know doesn’t work and is wasting time and money.
2. Decide what you really want from Internet marketing and what you want to sell based on your passions, hobbies and life experiences.
3. Use my blogs and the hundreds of articles which will solve most of your problems.
4. Click on my links and take ACTION.
5. Have goals which will become stepping stones as you move forward. Make sure these goals are sensible and achievable within certain time periods.
I still love you but I’m pissed off with most of you who are just not trying. So take action and make me like you again.
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