John Thornhill Coaching Program – Huge Discount + Bonuses

I was a typical newbie, confused, frustrated and dizzy from going around in circles. Basically I didn’t have a clue about online home businesses and Internet/Affiliate marketing. I made many mistakes trying to get started, and try not to think about the amount of wasted money buying useless products, books and courses from so-called experts who were “trying to help me make lots of money”. I became interested in selling on eBay and that’s how I became aware of John Thornhill who had found there was a profitable market on eBay selling knowledge which nowadays we call “information products”. So I joined John’s very successful coaching program he’d started and have never looked back since then!. A couple of weeks ago, John and his best mate Dave Nicholson, held a packed webinar promoting this coaching program, hugely discounted and with amazing bonuses I’ll show you below. If these don’t blow your mind then nothing will! The total package you receive is valued at US$51,000+ The webinar has finished but John has given me special permission to offer you the same deal with a huge discount, monthly payments option plus super awesome bonuses. Let’s pause here for a moment… If you’ve tried and failed, then there are reasons. Either you’re doing things wrong OR there’s something you don’t know which you must learn. What’s worse is you don’t know what you need to learn! During the last couple of years, I’ve made a special study of many top Internet marketers. Basically how they got started and how long it took them to make enough money (in their chosen niches) to achieve freedom, quit their regular jobs, and not have to work at all. Mike Litman is a famous life/business coach, now very successful, wasted 7 years because of procrastination. Harv Eker now a multimillionaire took 10 years and 14 failed businesses before he found what worked for him. Jon Botell (student of John Thornhill) has earned 70 million $ with eCommerce but it took 8 years to find the right path. My conclusion: Not many current top marketers have succeeded under 3 years! I’m telling you this gloomy stuff, not to depress you, because I care about you and your dreams of a better life. The nitty gritty is you must maximize your chance of success. And you certainly don’t want to wait several years. You NEED John’s coaching like you need oxygen. I didn’t have a clue about anything so don’t worry if you know nothing. The program is for 12 months and not difficult. You are shown simple tasks to complete each week. There is a 100% success rate for anyone completing the course. This does NOT mean you won’t make any money inside 12 months. It’s actually the reverse because you have John helping you earn money as quickly as possible. Even advertising your stuff to all his email subscribers plus his affiliates. The sales page >>HERE<< goes into more detail about the above so don’t be overly concerned about it. The coaching program is hugely discounted (the webinar special deal) and not expensive. John also provides an option for monthly payments. John has coached hundreds of marketers including well-known ones like Omar & Melinda Martin, Dan Sumner, Stuart Alvey and Trevor McAffie. Omar and Melinda have now earned $7 million at last count. If you’re getting nowhere and can’t see things improving, then turn your life around and join John’s coaching at the link below. There is no point continuing on with failure. You can never recover lost time and income! Remember you’re getting a total of US$51,000+. The coaching cost is under US$2000. http://kevin-johnston.com/JohnThornhillCoachingWebinarPackage Your friend & mentor, Kevin Johnston

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