Let Me Show You Everything You\’ll Receive When You Join Funnel University Today!

Untitled design2_edited-1Let Me Show You Everything You’ll Receive When You Join Funnel University Today!
So here’s the deal we’ve put together:  http://bit.ly/28Yi1Nq
When you join Funnel University today you’re going to get ALL of the following for FREE… you just pay for the shipping and handling.
We’ll rush it straight to your door then every month after that We’ll send you another package… and another.
Membership is $197 a month… but during our pre-launch (AKA, right now!) you can lock up one of our charter memberships for just $67.00 a month.
It will be like marketing “Christmas Morning” every single month.
So, what’s in the first package?
Just click here and you’ll find out: http://bit.ly/28Yi1Nq
Your friend,
Kevin Johnston

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