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I’m going to assume you want to learn the best ways to make money online either to earn some extra cash or replace your regular job altogether. Great news. I can help you for sure. Provided you follow my advice and stay focused.

I CAN turn your life around within 7 days if you’re serious about succeeding. You’ll be on the road to creating wealth and the only thing that will stop you is yourself. I want you to get excited about this especially as so many people have been trying for years and getting nowhere.

Here is a series of facts. If anyone tells you different they are liars.

1. There are hundreds maybe thousands of ways to make money online. It keeps changing because of new technologies and the Internet itself never stands still.
2. Most of the people making money are ordinary and don’t have any special education. But eventually they realized they needed help (coaching). Plus learn to think and act like millionaires and entrepreneurs. Someone with a loser mentality will never succeed.
3. Internet marketing has got hard and getting started IS hard. It’s like starting a new job or career. If I told you you’ve got to build me a big house or become a crane driver. That would be hard surely?
4. Internet marketing means selling a product or service online.
5. It’s a complex story but it started 4-5 years ago with several Google updates plus Google getting rid of over 100,000 poor quality or scammy sites. Also social networking especially Facebook expanded rapidly.
The message here is whatever you put up has to represent high quality which requires more skills and effort from you.
6. What worked before (making money) most likely doesn’t work anymore.

More Facts:
7. At least 89% of newbies haven’t a clue about what they’re doing and what their end goal is. So they keep failing.
8. Most of what you’ve seen or been told is wrong or outdated. Or there’s bits missing.
9. Very few marketers care about you. They just want to sell you useless stuff which won’t help you. Just increase your debt and frustration.
10. Traditional affiliate marketing is dying and you can’t make big money that way. 79% of affiliates have never made any money.
11. There are many ways to become hugely successful but you need to follow the correct paths and do things a certain way including using leverage.
12. Getting rich overnight doesn’t exist.
13. You must learn what makes certain people successful and do the same.
14. You need to unlearn information which you think is true, but it’s actually wrong.
15. Don’t wait till you’re ready. It doesn’t exist.
16. Your mind plays tricks and constantly sends you wrong messages so you must learn to recognize these. Refer mindset.
17. Expect to make mistakes. That’s how you learn, since you were a baby. Successful people expect and embrace mistakes and hurdles as a challenge.

I sincerely hope what I’ve said above makes sense. If not, shoot me an email to kevin@kevin-johnston.com and ask.

You have 3 tasks:
1. Purchase this proven coaching which is under $50. So far it’s earned about $75 million for its members. In 1 or 2 days you will have your own personal coach who will contact you. Imagine how you’ll feel when you realize that finally you are on a proven path to wealth creation.
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2. Read the various make money/how to become successful blog posts at http://kevin-johnston.com
I have several blogs but this is the main one.

3. When you’re there join my mailing list at one of the subscribe links. I would love to pass on my expert knowledge.
Here is a link to AWeber: http://www.aweber.com/easy-email.htm?id=423648
AWeber have some great tutorials/videos about what autoresponders are plus how to write and what to write in emails.

Think positive. Make this your best year and I hope to talk to you soon.

Best wishes,
Kevin Johnston
ps. I only speak English

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