Newbie to Guru: New step-by-step expert training

I have pasted below an email broadcast I sent to my subscribers recently. This training can turn your life around quickly, save you wasted money and years of trying. It applies no matter what you’re promoting.

It might surprise you that my friend and ex-coach John Thornhill took 6 years, and it was only in his 7th year that John was able to give up his day job in a car assembly line.

Let me explain. I have many sites across many niches such as health, home remedies, cooking, nutrition, fat loss & fitness, aging problems, skin care, back pain, self improvement, relationships as examples. So I want to make it very clear that this special training is not just for the “make money” niche.

I’m very busy and moving more into social networking, so the training is only available to EMAIL SUBSCRIBERS and not as blog posts. The link below is a good one to use to join my mailing list:

Use the link below if you would like to earn extra money as an affiliate:

You can also join my mailing list by sending to this email address (imo@info.trafficwave.net). Just enter your full name and best email address, and send. That’s all I need but it means I can help you much better and faster talking to you directly. In the subject line put “Join your mailing list” or similar words.
This is Kevin Johnston from http://kevin-johnston.com and http://makemoneyhomebusiness.biz

Australia is heading towards the end of summer but it’s still very hot which I hate. The most western suburb of Sydney is Penrith which was 47 degrees celsius recently which made it the hottest place on Earth.

Beyond Penrith heading west is the Great Dividing Range which is a mountain range running down much of the east coast of Australia. Having said that, Australia is a flat country overall. Population is only 24.6 million people.

I do want to thank you again for putting your trust in me and joining one of my mailing lists. I’m looking forward to passing on valuable expert and honest information so I want you to get really excited. There are very few people doing this properly unless you pay $1000’s.

I wondered how best to help you and have decided to start at the beginning as if you’re a newbie considering starting your own online home business. Obviously there are many helpful posts and references in the above blogs already which you should read.

What will happen very soon is this:
I will tell you “this” is the very first thing you should do when starting. Then “this” is what you should do next as Step 2.
And so on, step by step with nothing left out. I will also explain “why”.

It’s possible my information might be different to what you’ve been told already but I assure you my stuff is true. There are many “experts” out there giving out wrong or outdated information.

Sometimes with Internet marketing there may be exceptions to the normal rule. It’s like there are 3 ways to get from City A to City B. But I will tell you the best way which is also the fastest and easiest.

For now it will help me if you email (kevin@kevin-johnston.com) what problems you might have or where you’re stuck. In fact, anything! Even if you tell me your experiences or what you’re good at, helps with choosing great niches or domain names.

Put Kevin’s Classroom in the subject line so I can find you. I will help you resolve any problems but also it assists me when structuring my training.

One last important item. I won’t be just sending training. I’ll be emailing you great tips and tricks, plus a truckload of other valuable stuff on many topics, which most likely you haven’t seen anywhere else. But most likely you need it.

Thanks again for joining me. I really appreciate it.
Your friend and mentor,

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