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I’m sorry my “make money – home business” Facebook business page has appeared to be neglected. This page is at: https://www.facebook.com/cashfromhomebiz
This wasn’t deliberate or me being lazy. It’s been because of continued ill health in my large family circle. Not me thank god! Plus the fact that I have several large WordPress blogs that have been taking up all my time since I write all articles myself. I don’t think using curated content is personal or genuine even though it’s common.
I’ve been frustrated because I genuinely want to expand faster into social networking. And the sooner the better which starts right now!
Strangely enough, I found that my blog readers seemed to want articles about the broad aspects of the “health and fitness” niche which has kept me very busy because everything I write is about my own experiences as a scientist plus research from the top experts in the world. There have been many important discoveries and reports. Sometimes 1 or 2 weekly.
Anyway back to starting and growing a profitable home business. My site that covers all of this is at: http://makemoneyhomebusiness.biz
The other most important site is Kevin Johnston’s Blog at http://kevin-johnston.com. This site covers some of everything and includes health topics. These are the 2 sites to watch and learn from. So please take notes. It’s very unlikely you will see this honest information anywhere else.
I have no way of knowing whether you yourself know nothing, a little bit or quite a lot except maybe you don’t know how to tie all the pieces together.
Especially in the last 12 months I have put a huge effort into explaining what Internet marketing (especially Affiliate marketing) is all about including what selling really means which is solving people’s problems. People like to spend but they don’t like being sold to and they can smell BS a mile away. Likewise they avoid ugly or obvious affiliate links.
People generally buy on emotion then  justify their purchases with logic so you must always appeal to their emotions.
So basically if you expose your product (including affiliate links) or services to a very large group of people who have a need for these products or services, then you will make money. The more urgent the need the more likely a sale will result. You don’t sell as such you always emphasize all the benefits and sales happen automatically.
While you’re doing all this you must have a mechanism (squeeze page/optin form leading to your autoresponder) in place to capture names and email addresses so you can build up your subscriber/mailing list. I must mention that all this time you’ve been building a good relationship with your clients/visitors so they trust you and like you. You want them to see you as their go-to person. Once you reach this point, they will often buy everything you recommend including backend sales.
The bottom line is you must know how to make all the above happen and that’s why you must join my mailing list. Blog posts are too slow and much of the new info including special offers and/or new product releases is often urgent. Very often you only have one or a few days to take action. Here’s a subscribe link so do it now….and you MUST click the confirm link in the email that results! Special offers includes discounts up to 98%.
Subscribe link: http://kevin-johnston.com/EmailMarketingForAffiliates
It’s very important you realize that your autoresponder also allows you to automate all your marketing processes. So even when you’re sleeping or not at home, it’s always silently working for you 24/7 so as to provide passive/repeating income which is what you want. One-off random small value sales can only give you pocket money, most likely less than $100 per month and that’s tops. More about this later after you join my mailing list.
Two huge topics expert Internet marketers always make sure they organize are: Automate and Outsource
Anyway let’s get started helping you succeed. I can truly help you do that but the biggest obstacle is yourself meaning “Mindset”. Not technical stuff but the guts and strong determination that’s inside yourself. The self-discipline to forgo all side issues and distractions as you zoom like an arrow towards your goal which is the bulls-eye. You have to want to succeed with your whole being. I’ll send stuff soon by email which illustrates this very clearly.
There are thousands of ways to make money also many business models (eg affiliate marketing). No-one anywhere can say which is the best business model or do this and you’ll get rich. If they do they’re liars and scammers just trying to sell you dreams! Also the Internet is constantly changing to and fro just like the ocean tides. Old ways go and new ways start. What worked 2 years ago might not work now so you always concentrate on the NOW!
So Step 1 is read and absorb (take notes) all my training articles at http://makemoneyhomebusiness.biz
They should be easy to find however some of these were under the heading Kevin’s Classroom. Read all the important stuff such as understanding domain names (domains) and web hosting which really means Shared Hosting.
Step 2 You never need to become an expert with anything (unless you have a passion to do so) but you should have a basic understanding of topics like IP Address, uploading files, DNS, and FTP. Maybe you’re interested in drop-shipping (as an example) so you can use it with eBay/Amazon with or without your own site.
Trust me it’s important to also understand sales funnels and why you need at least one. Plus how to sell high-end products ($1000 plus). Even newbies can do this.
Step 3 Keep following my blog posts/advice and links provided to purchase your domain name plus the cheapest unlimited domains web hosting, then purchase a beautiful ready-made WordPress niche blog from Verena as advised already, then open/purchase your autoresponder account (30 day trial available).
All this added together is still under $100 bucks. If you can’t do this you haven’t committed yourself to success. You’re just a dabbler. Playing a game. You’ll still be doing this in 5 years time.
The niche is just WHAT type of product you want to promote eg health, gadgets, smartphones/electronics, bags/wallets, clothing, camping, fishing, weight loss, skin care, beauty products, yoga, gym training, dog training, pet supplies, kitchen supplies, video games plus many more such as self-improvement.
Your niche equals “choosing an interest” which is much better and easier when it’s something you’re passionate about! Once you’ve got the WHAT organized you can move onto the HOW and also the WHO? A good choice of HOW is the business model AFFILIATE MARKETING. If you’ve chosen product Ladies Fashion Clothing then the WHO is obviously women.
The second part of HOW is Build a Website. A business blog is a website just as Facebook has “personal” and “business” pages. Here is a link to a fabulous coaching website I use myself. It’s possible to have YOUR WEBSITE up and running in less than 1 Minute. Just about everything you need in one place like an information warehouse. FREE to join with an Upgrade as option.
This is a fantastic “family” site: http://kevin-johnston.com/AllYourAffiliateInfoInOnePlace
I’ll finish up here but the next steps would be ATTRACT VISITORS and EARN MONEY!
I’m excited for you because I have loads more to show you, but you must first join my mailing list or miss out: http://kevin-johnston.com/EmailMarketingForAffiliates
Talk soon,
Kevin Johnston

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