“PHOTOSHOP” for WORDPRESS – Released August 15 – Register now for lowest price!

“PHOTOSHOP” for WORDPRESS – Released August 15 – Register for lowest price!
Find, Edit, Create, Insert Images INSIDE Your WP Site/s: http://bit.ly/1HNuGXn
Release 9 am August 15 – Early bird pricing before doubling!
Search from over 5 million HD images you can use on your site. These are Royalty-free images from 4 different sources.
Quickly EDIT images just like Photoshop.  Add 100+ Special Effects, Text, Borders and Graphics to your images.
Not just that…
It has LAYERS just like Photoshop for advanced graphics work.
Add Instragram like effects to images – make them stand out & look cool.
FIX images – never have to fire up a photo editing software again.
Now you can FIND, EDIT, CREATE & INSERT any number of images from right within WordPress.
* No more spending hours and hours finding the right images for your blog/website.
* No need to ever spend money buying expensive stock photos or graphics – find them FOR FREE here.
* Never again you will have to hire, virtual assistants, image editors or graphics guys to edit your images for you.
* No need to make any HUGE investments (of both time and money).
* No life-draining tech skills required – this is so simple & easy.
* Never have to leave your site so you can go looking for images or fire up a photo software. Then have to come back.

See why every WordPress site needs this: http://bit.ly/1HNuGXn

It’s what is MISSING from every WordPress site and this will make your site complete and stand out.
***** LOOK for 44 bonuses..Yes 44 high quality bonuses which include softwares,  graphics tools, HD copyrighted Free Image set and much more…..
All WordPress sites need this,

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