Should You Choose The Make-Money Niche

CSC_0232_0328cpic18001729First of all you have to understand that there are new product releases almost every day. Some days there can be 2 to 3 releases. Internet marketing has never been so busy.
A release may be a new system which is complete in itself or it might be a product which makes a previous release better, faster or easier. An example could be a set of video tutorials, set of squeeze pages, website graphics, apps/plugins or blog themes. Also coaching.
Because video marketing is king, there have been lots of new products relating to YouTube and other video sites.
For every 10 new releases, my estimate is 4 with JVZoo, 3 with WarriorPlus Special Offers (WSO’s), 1 with ClickBank and 1 with a smaller network/payment processor such as InfusionSoft, Zaxaa, Nanacast or Deal Guardian.
My advice is DO NOT promote the make-money niche. You are a small fish swimming with sharks. Also this niche is the most competitive one. You cannot compete with the top-guns (joint venture partners) who have very large mailing lists, huge resources and ability to offer multiple bonuses worth far more in $$$’s than the actual value of the product.
This especially applies when the product being promoted is the front-end product in a sales funnel comprising 3 to 4 other products and finishing with a high value item such as a continuity or membership package.
I spoke with one of these top-guns yesterday and he told me he spends $1 Million a year just buying traffic.
Don’t be concerned because you don’t need the make-money niche. There are thousands of ways to earn money and there are many millions of products to promote as an affiliate (publisher) for various vendors/sellers (advertisers).
What you should be concerned about is the fact that even with some ClickBank vendors, you need to apply/get permission to become their affiliate. This means providing your site URL and listing how you will promote the vendor’s products.
DON’T panic because many vendors/advertisers are desperate for affiliates. BUT you must have a blog, website or business page. I’m really pissed off about this because I’ve been telling you this for the last couple of years and showed you how but you didn’t listen and did nothing. I know you didn’t because I know who clicks my links and who doesn’t. I can’t help feeling totally frustrated with you.
We’ll talk soon about good niches but get yourself over to my blogs and check out the articles including health which is a great niche and popular with experienced marketers. You will learn lots and come away with your head buzzing.
Remember nothing changes unless you do so please make a start and take action. Don’t wait any longer. You need to have a mentality which tells you that every hour you wait is a lost hour where you earned ZERO MONEY. Also you can never get that hour back.
I am dedicated to your success,
Kevin Johnston
ps Have trust in me, follow my lead, click my links and you will win.
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http://foodandnutrition.biz is great to get ideas about health.

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