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Affiliate Marketing v/s Product Creation

And The Winner is …Product Creation Let’s keep it simple..You’re in this game to make money..right? You want recurring income each month..right? That means you need to sell 100’s of under $20 products EVERY MONTH! Suppose you’re an affiliate for ClickBank who pay every 2 weeks, and the commission rate is 50-70%. If it’s JVZoo …

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#4 Newbie Task: Choose A Profitable Business Model

A business model is not your niche (target market). It’s the method or path to get from A to B, where A is 0 (you not making money) to B which is success, whatever that means to you, which usually is making extra income or enough money to quit your job maybe.. Also your business …

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#3 Newbie Task: Your MINDSET Determines Your Success or Failure

Mindset should be considered in 2 Parts: One of my sayings is: “To become a champion you must think and act like a champion”. Part 1To succeed whether it’s becoming wealthy or not, requires that you have a strong determination to win with a nothing will stop me attitude. It’s always I CAN do this! …

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Everything You Need To Make Money Online

  I’m Sick And Tired Of People Wasting Their Time And Hard-Earned Money. That’s why Kevin has created the ultimate online training portal that gives you everything you need to make money online. Inside IM Training…You Get EVERYTHING You Need…To Go From ZERO To Making A Full-Time Online Income Here’s A Quick Preview Of Just …

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#2 Newbie Task: Calculate Your Monthly Expenses

In Task #1, we were finding out the reasons why you want to be an Internet marketer, bearing in mind that Internet marketing means you need to sell certain products or services, either where these are your own products or services or you are an approved affiliate for them. Mostly with ClickBank, approval is automatic …

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#1 Newbie Task: Why do you want to be an Internet marketer?

Among my colleagues this is known as “the WHY” You can’t just jump out of bed and proclaim you’ve decided to be an Internet marketer because it seems like a good idea. This might be the most important decision of your life because it is LIFE-CHANGING. Both for now and the rest of your life. …

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