The 10 Commandments Of Internet Marketing

The 10 Commandments Of Internet Marketing

Your success is controlled by these Commandments so you must understand and follow them or fail.

These rules have always been there, but you won’t see them written down anywhere else but here. These rules are in random order below:

1. Internet marketing means using the Internet to make money either directly or indirectly.

This requires that you sell a product or service which is your own, or as an affiliate where you receive a commission if your promotion results in a sale. Refer Cookies.

An affiliate is sometimes given other names: associate, partner but publisher is very common.

Generally commissions range from 50% to 75% (see ClickBank) but can be as low as 1-5% (Nike, Adidas, iTunes, Walmart, Microsoft as examples).

How you get paid (example PayPal) and how often you get paid varies greatly…instantaneous to waiting 85 days.

This is a factor of how long the guarantee period is. With ClickBank the guarantee period is 60 days and they pay every 2 weeks.

Myself, I don’t recommend under 20% commission rate but the choice is yours.

2. It’s a numbers game. It always has been and it always will be.

Every business needs paying customers and this includes corporations, universities and similar. Without buyers any business will not survive.

From a marketing aspect, it is better and cheaper to cultivate existing customers than it is to go find new ones.

Only a small percentage of initial online visitors make a purchase at first contact, which is a major reason you must have a reliable autoresponder account. Email marketing is still king and more effective than all other methods combined.

To survive and prosper, you need floods of traffic targeted to your niche/s ie what you’re selling. Conversion rates are very important. Traffic + Conversions + Sales = Money

3. You’re running a business not a hobby which many newbies haven’t fully absorbed.

If you are using the Internet to generate profits then you are running a business. Don’t kid yourself otherwise.

You must be prepared to spend money getting started, and on yourself. Nobody can start, operate and grow a successful business using only free products.

This means many things but includes having the right attitude (see Mindset) for success.

Also being self-disciplined including not being distracted with tempting offers (get rich quick) along the way.

You need your own space but must have scheduled quiet times. So family discussions are good so that everyone is onside and understands your needs at certain hours.

4. Getting rich overnight is not a goal and very rarely exists so be totally focused on winning. There are many so-called gurus and experts out there making fortunes selling useless, incomplete and out-dated stuff to newbies.

It’s not easy but don’t be distracted by tempting “magic button” “silver bullet” offers along the way.

Becoming wealthy IS a goal but it takes time because it’s a skill you must learn like any other skill such as carpentry, finance, golf, software design, graphics, electronics, learning guitar or a new language.

5. You must be prepared to make mistakes as part of learning, just as babies crawl then walk. We should always be learning. Entrepreneurs understand this. They expect and relish a challenge and don’t let an obstacle or problem stop them.

6. There never will be a proper time when (you are ready) so you need to just “jump-in” and make a start. Don’t postpone making any decision or procrastinate with a logical step.

There are marketers I know, who wasted up to 8 years and lost many millions $$ because they didn’t have anyone to help them. Also they didn’t know the right questions or what they were supposed to know.

7. There are hundreds and hundreds of ways to make money online. No-one knows how many, and new products, better techniques and easier, cheaper methods are appearing almost daily. As technology evolves.

It’s not essential, but it helps if you’re passionate about your sales topics. Like your present skills, hobbies, interests, social and family knowledge, work experience.

You might be a nurse and choose health as your major niche (target market) and aging diseases as a sub-niche.

People have made lots of money selling books and products about diseases, cooking, diets, pets, fishing, hypnosis, self help, raising handicapped children as examples.

One of the best ways to learn and succeed is to follow and copy someone genuine who is already successful. Then you just copy what they did, like a roadmap.

8. You give people what they need not what you think they want. Always remember Selling is providing solutions to people’s problems. And the more urgent the better.

People buy on emotion and justify it to themselves with logic. You cannot convince someone to buy…just emphasize the benefits, cheaper, works faster, all-natural etc.

9. If you think you will fail or things are too hard, then they will be, because you are beaten already. Your mind has tricked you into defeat.

Study the Law of Attraction and Mindset which is a “can do” “nothing will stop me” attitude.

10. Don’t go off on a tanget building a “new road” when established, proven methods (highways) exist already.

Best of luck,
Your friend, mentor and Admin,
Kevin Johnston
PS Any queries, email me: kevin@kevin-johnston.com

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