The GAME OF GOLD – Brave, Loyal Knights Needed

To fight for Truth, Freedom and Pots of Gold!
Last evening I had another visitor to my back garden….a large grey female kangaroo with a joey in pouch, only about 10 feet from where I was standing. Paws and feet sticking out, and the pouch almost dragging on the grass. Such beautiful animals.
I’m a bit of a dreamer and in my fantasy world I sometimes see myself as a mix of Robin Hood and Sir Lancelot  ready to fight for others and fix all the problems that hold most of us back from true happiness.
So here I am again fighting for you so you can experience the delicious joy of seeing your dreams come true. For ease of writing let’s call this success and let’s also suppose this equals making money online. Because Internet marketing mostly means selling a product/s or service online then this also means that Internet marketing is the same as the “make money” niche.
However later I want to tell you about other niches such as “health” or better “health and fitness” which introduces the concepts of metabolism, weight loss, fat loss, diets, food and nutrition and so on. Make a note that I’m coming back to this topic…it’s going to become very important for you.
The big question only YOU can answer is whether the “make money” niche is right for you. We’ll talk about this very soon. It’s absolutely necessary.
I have a lot of stuff to pass on to you so what I’m writing now is the start of this journey. I’ve already told you that success is a journey not a destination, and in the same way becoming wealthy is also a journey during which you learn and apply new skills. Wealth is the end result of your dedication, patience and persistent hard work in developing these new skills. If you still believe that getting rich overnight does exist, then I suggest you leave now and don’t come back.
Enough talking…let’s get started!
1. The people that are succeeding in all sorts of ways are just ordinary folks like you. They come from amazing origins but not many have higher education or qualifications. They were nearly all newbies, usually for years and had exactly the same problems as you. So never think that they are super special and you can’t be like them.
The deciding factor was they took action and found ways around hurdles and solutions to problems. They never stopped or gave up. Also they didn’t let their subconscious mind con them into believing they couldn’t do it. That wasn’t always true for many because procrastination was a huge problem. Take Mike Litman for example. He is now a hugely successful life and business coach but procrastination wasted his first 7 or 8 years. He was intelligent but didn’t know anything. Didn’t know where to go for help and like most newbies didn’t know the right questions or what he was supposed to know anyway.
A lot of these guys were very poor, and some even homeless and some (like Brian Tracy) lived out of their old cars.
Most successful Internet marketers have teamed up with one or more partners to share experience, skills, costs, resources, leverage and bargaining power. A good example is John Thornhill, Dave Nicholson and Dan Sumner.
2. You must stay very focused also self-disciplined so you don’t get distracted by side issues, false gurus and enticing useless offers. Remember what I told you previously…most of what you see and hear is wrong and not correct. Also you can almost count on your fingers the number of experts that are truly honest and genuinely care about you.
I don’t quite understand this but I have never seen anywhere on the Internet, someone telling you how Internet marketing (and affiliate marketing) really works like I have been doing. I suspect they might after you’ve purchased their $10,000 coaching.
3. You must have a plan, a goal and know where you are heading and where you want to go, otherwise you’re lost just like someone in a vast, hot and waterless desert. If you’ve read my previous blog posts you will know that there must be a reason you want to be an Internet marketer and if it’s to make money, you must calculate how much money you need monthly to cover your bills and expenses. Otherwise how can you decide which method/business model will provide this amount of money. Who you want to sell to and their demographics, what type of product/service to sell which will solve people’s problems and how you will promote that product/service.
A big mistake for most newbies is they don’t realize how critical it is to work out who they want to sell to as well. Incorporated in all this are your blog, sales funnel/s, autoresponder and list building. Remember that selling means providing solutions to people’s problems. If you do that you will make money. Don’t try to convince people to buy…just concentrate on spelling out the benefits.
4. According to the Internet itself is about the size of a strawberry. On the other hand Internet marketing is huge and totally overwhelming. To make it work for you you’ve got to break it down to many small digestible pieces. I suggest you think of these as Leggo pieces. You just snap these pieces together and slowly your home business grows as you gain experience in joining pieces.
5. Examples of business models are: affiliate marketing, eBay, Amazon, ecommerce, dropshipping, email marketing, mobile marketing, video marketing, social networking, offline marketing, software development, Fiverr, flipping domains/websites, graphic design, advertising, web design & tools, copywriting, writing ebooks/kindles, soft & hard cover regular books, Udemy, coaching/training, investments, stockmarket/futures trading, hospitality, real estate, finance, hobbies, retirement.
6. If you’re not sure which model is best for you, I will tell you. I will also suggest which niche to promote and which products to sell and how/where.
7. I will tell you about the best affiliate networks and which ones to join ( or NOT join) and why. To answer the obvious question….YES you should become an affiliate marketer!
8. Why you MUST have a website or blog and preferably linked with social media.
9. How much money do you need to start and how soon can you begin earning money.
10. Do you need an autoresponder and a subscriber list. If yes how do you get one.
11. I do have other projects to get back to but if I can fit it in I’d like to show you emails, comments, stories from true experts all around the world about their problems, how they overcame them, ways to be successful and niches to explore that most marketers haven’t thought of.
I sincerely wish you much success. Please leave a comment at my blogs.
Your friend,
Kevin  OR

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