THE GAME OF GOLD – The Truth Will Set You Free!

Untitled-design2_edited-1-150x150.pngTHE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE!
I love this line from “Game Of Thrones” and it amazes me that Internet Marketing of all things can have an association with violence, sex, depravity, adventure, cruelty, love (to name a few). At the heart of Game of Thrones you’ve got many examples of “struggling” and likewise of “trying to win” so maybe the association isn’t so weird after all.
You and I are never likely to meet but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about you. I blog because I do care about you and greatly value you as an Internet friend. From a Christian point of view we are all brothers and sisters to each other.
One of my goals is to motivate and lead you to the “truth” and guide you to “freedom” which all serious marketers are desperate to achieve. It isn’t money as such. It is never my intent to churn out huge numbers of articles like a sausage machine.
In terms of Internet Marketing, being successful and having your dreams become a reality, the “truth” is everything you need to know, learn, see, create and do to reach the finish line. It’s also what will release you from poverty, unhappiness, misery, plus years of struggling, confusion, frustration, debt and stress.
Some time back I published a blog article in which I stated that most of what you’re told, what you read and what you see is mostly wrong and false. The situation hasn’t changed. What I wrote is truer than ever.
So many lies, half-truths and so much deception. Too many so-called gurus and experts who prey on your ignorance. And too many products and systems that are expensive, don’t work, have got bits missing, are too complicated, or would take an eternity to learn.
There you have it. I’ve got 12 years experience, got my start with eBay and drop-shipping, and am very knowledgable over many topics and niches. I know exactly what your problems usually are and how to fix these plus resolve everything that’s blocking you from where you want to be.
The only thing that will stop you is yourself. Your own mindset, attitude, perseverance, hard work and taking action. It’s WIN or LOSE…there’s no halfway point!
1. You can almost count on your fingers the number of experienced marketers who really care about you and genuinely want to help you.
2. Nobody but me is telling you the full truth of how affiliate marketing really works or should work. I’ve started to but can’t progress because you haven’t joined my mailing list. There is so much I need to tell and show you. I can’t coach you using blog posts. You will NEVER succeed doing what you’re doing now. If I told you what you should be doing, it would blow you away!
3. I’ll write a separate report soon on this but you are trying to learn stuff that doesn’t work any more because Internet marketing has moved on. The tragedy is most people are still trying to sell you useless and outdated products and systems.
I’m not alone. Other experts like Alex Jeffreys, Russell Brunson, Anik Singal, Eric Louviere and Dean Holland all agree with me. You have to adjust to what’s working NOW. There’s no point wasting money and time on what’s not working.
We will talk soon also about patience, commonsense and logic. These are key issues for your success even if you don’t realize it yet.
4. It’s pretty much crunch time. If you don’t understand what I’m saying and where I’m heading you should leave and not come back. You need me to succeed and I mean that humbly. There are almost nil people succeeding without spending $3,000 up to $60,000 for a complete business setup.
If you subscribe to my mailing list I will put you on the right track knowing you want to be a serious player in the Game Of Gold!
Your friend and mentor,


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