The GAME OF GOLD – “Who else can I trust but you Sam?”

Untitled-design2_edited-1-150x150.pngThe Game of Gold – “Who else can I trust but you Sam?”
“Many you think are your friends are not really your friends at all!”
Believing and Trust, follow Truth. And the cement that binds them together is Loyalty. So if I tell you that the “old ways” of making money don’t work anymore, then you should believe me and trust me to advise and guide you. If you don’t you’re doomed to fail.
Out there in Internet marketing land, because of all the scams, lies and deceptions, huge numbers of good people like yourself, don’t recognize what’s true, so they don’t believe. Thus the sad cycle goes round and round, because they either do nothing or they make wrong choices.
Concentrate on what’s working NOW and stop buying and wasting time with crap products that don’t work and you don’t need anyway. I have already told you that certain marketers including Alex Jeffreys totally agree with me.
You possibly are aware of Alex and that he’s made $multi-millions coaching (plus webinars) and selling Information Products (mostly digital which means downloadable). Even though he has a mental handicap, his school had labelled him “will never succeed” and was glad to see him leave.
Now Alex can take 3 month vacations with his wife and 2 boys, knowing that while absent, his businesses earned more than what the vacation cost. In the beginning though he had huge debts, and max’d out credit cards. Finally he borrowed $5000 from his fiancee (now wife) and arranged expert coaching. She must have trusted and believed in him. Plus the power of love!
This year Alex sought out Mike Marin who’s a respected copywriter quietly tucking away lots of $$$ but concentrating on what’s working NOW. Alex has paid Mike lots of money for his secrets. Now they’re best mates who both moved house in the UK to be neighbors.
So what does all this mean? Hard to answer because we’re all different, but here goes:
1. Don’t be scared of things you MUST do, like domain names, hosting (shared hosting), autoresponders, building a list/s of subscribers and using sales funnels.
2. Alex and Anik Singal plus Russell Brunson through webinars, workshops and coaching have proved hundreds of times that you CAN do things you thought were not possible. You just have to believe in your self which every successful business owner has had to do.
3. Every business (includes YOU) must evolve and adapt to changes. Otherwise they’ll crash and burn!
4. Don’t try to figure out everything on your own. Not possible and there’s only so many productive hours in a given day. This means you must get coaching to suit what you’re trying to achieve or buy a top quality done-for-you system. Then the only thing you must do is send targeted traffic to a sales funnel.
5. You should be an affiliate marketer. More important now than ever. But you’ll only make small commissions unless you use sales funnels. These funnels usually have 4 to 5 separate products and if you can make commissions on each, you’re starting to make big money.
6. The fastest way to $100,000 is with high ticket sales which means $1000 to $5000 commissions and even higher is possible. This does NOT mean you yourself have to make these sales. It also does NOT mean you must be a product creator.
7. To make 6 -7 figure income ($100,000 to $1,000,000) only requires 5-6 steps done well on a regular basis.
8. John Chow (a famous blogger) has stated openly that without high ticket sales he would not reach his average $30-40K monthly.
You MUST do this to get started apart from following everything I tell you. You don’t start without a plan.
1. Work out what you really want out of life.
2. Why do you want to do Internet marketing?
3. You must work out how much money you need to earn monthly to cover all your monthly expenses such as:
Mortgage or rent
Medical and pharmacy
Car payments
Car fuel and maintenance/repairs
Cooking fuel/gas
Home heating and cooling
Clothing including shoes
Hope all the above helps.
Your friend,
Kevin Johnston
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