Understanding Internet marketing & what selling really means

 In my articles and lessons I’ve stated that Internet marketing is mostly about selling something, either a product or service such as a fitness clinic, insurance or debt control.
There are a number of unwritten rules covering Internet marketing. One of these says “You sell your own stuff or you sell someone else’s stuff (as an affiliate)”.
From there you would have to decide whether or not to sell physical products (refer eBay or Amazon as examples), or digital (downloadable) products (refer ClickBank, JVZoo or The Warrior Forum as examples). You might decide to sell both physical and digital products but I certainly wouldn’t recommend this if you’re a newbie.
Strictly speaking, you don’t “sell” anything. What you do is, you provide solutions to people’s problems and/or needs. The more urgent the problem or need, the more likely you are to make a sale both now and in the future. At the same time this is happening, you keep adding to your list of subscribers you can email with your offers.
In the background you’ve been emailing people to like and trust you. Also respect you as the “expert” or “go to” person. Plus building your list of subscribers all the time by getting visitors to your site/social media page to optin at your landing or squeeze page.
Landing and squeeze pages mean the same thing. They have ONE purpose which is to get a person’s email address and name, at which point she/he becomes a subscriber. Usually a bribe (of value to the person) is needed.
Even as an affiliate you should try to get an email address and name first, and NOT send your visitor directly to your vendor’s sales page. All you are doing is helping the vendor build his/her list. You are very unlikely to make a sale.
As for selling, you can’t persuade a person to buy. People like to spend money but not be sold to. So you must emphasize the benefits of your product and how it meets their needs. You should never try to sell what you think people want.
Let’s look at the basics of selling:
1. You need a product to sell that people need. Later as you get more skilled and start earning, it’s very desirable for your sales process to include a sales funnel (OTO’s, upsells, downsells, backend sales) plus of course an optin page.
2. You need what’s called a “sales platform” which is your blog, website, online store or social media business page. This is your shop, where your online home business is situated.
You might be selling random items on an auction site such as eBay and you might even have an eBay store with a unique web address. In the latter situation you might not need a website but as a Powerseller I’ve found that people expected me to have a separate website.
3. You need to start building a list of subscribers who have joined with their email address and name so as to receive your Newsletters (emails).
4. You should have an autoresponder linked to your mailing list so you can schedule messages/emails at various time intervals. It’s very important that you realize that 80% of people buy only after your first 4 or 5 contacts.
5. You need lots of targeted traffic so you get “eyeballs” on what you’re saying or promoting.
6. There are now Newsletter plugins for WordPress (.org) so that you can send emails to your registered users from inside your WordPress blog. A few of these do have a built-in autoresponder or maybe it’s an optional module.
Hope all the above information is useful for you. It’s absolutely critical you understand and take action.
Kevin Johnston
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