Urgent: Order Anik Singal’s Free IM Book + 12hr Bonus

Anik kas just released his new book and people are rushing to get a free copy. 2000 copies gone already! There’s at least one bonus for people who hurry and get in early!

Click to order: http://kevin-johnston.com/GetAnikSingalNewFreeBook

Famous authors have already given great reviews: See Robert Kiyosaki, Les Brown, Bob Proctor and Kevin Harrington.

The book (Not an eBook) will help you:

* Finally Unlock The Entrepreneur Characteristics & Behaviors Within That The System & Society Have SQUASHED!
* Overcome The Cycle of Failure or Disrupted Growth & Unlock Rapid Entrepreneurial Growth – FINALLY!
* Provide Your Personal eSCAPE Plan To Attract Rapid Success Using The 4-Stage “eSCAPE Triangle”…
* Successfully Build ANY Business You Want – Offline, Digital, Network Marketing – You Name It!

To quote Anik:
“I’ve taken all those years of failure, success, wisdom, knowledge and insight and forged them into a 4-stage process for Entrepreneurial success called – eSCAPE.

This brand new book I’ve taken two years to write, is the result of the lessons that I’ve mastered through my journey…”


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